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DARK DESIGNS: Tales of Mad Science

Science without limits. Madness without end.

All proceeds from the purchase of this ebook will be donated to Doctors Without Borders / Medicins Sans Frontieres.

This is a warning. What you are about to read violates the boundaries of imagination, in a world where science breeds and breathes without restraint. A world very much like our own.

Within these shadowy corridors you will discover characters seeking retribution, understanding, power, a second chance at life—human stories of undiscovered species, government secrets, the horrors of parenthood, adolescence and bullying, envisioned through a warped lens of megalomania, suffering, and blind hubris. Curious inventors dabble with portals to alternate worlds, overzealous scientists and precocious children toy with living beings, offer medical marvels, and pick away at the thin veil of reality.

You can run. You can look away. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Witness our Dark Designs.

Featuring spine-tingling stories from:

Thomas S Flowers
Jeffery X Martin
Duncan Ralston
Jonathan Butcher
Daniel Marc Chant
Chad Clark
Lydian Faust
G. H. Finn
Tim Jeffreys
Carl R. Jennings
T.N. Kaylor
Patrick Loveland
Chad Lutzke
Ken Preston
& Alec Robertson

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