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"Poetic, unnerving, and heartbreaking. The partnership between Boden and Lutzke yields the kind of story that leaves you aching and unsettled. Long after finishing, I couldn’t stop thinking about Maggie, her boys, and what happens out behind the barn."

- Kristi DeMeester, Author of BENEATH.

The boys crept to the window and watched as Miss Maggie carried the long bundle into the barn, the weight of it stooping her aging back. Rafter lights spilled from the barn doors and Davey saw an arm fall from the canvas-wrapped parcel. He smiled.


“She got someone!”

Both children grinned and settled in their beds, eyes fixed to the ceiling.


This was family growth.

We are proud to announce we will be publishing OUT BEHIND THE BARN, the long-awaited collaboration between John Boden (author of JEDI SUMMER) and Chad Lutzke (author of OF FOSTER HOMES AND FLIES) available October 31st!

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